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March 22, 2021

Facebook Adapts Measurement to New Apple Privacy Rules

Facebook Adapts Measurement to New Apple Privacy Rules


You’re not the only one struggling to understand the impact Apple’s new tracking consent rules. Here’s a helpful piece from our friends at AdExchanger on what will change with Facebook reporting. Long story short: no more holdout tests or store visit optimization.

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Ad Outcome Measurement Is Hard: Media Rating Council

Media Rating Council

Elsewhere in Measurement Land, the Media Rating Council’s project to standardize advertising outcomes measurement has emerged with unintentionally hilarious conclusions that “there was not consensus by practitioners around a single method by which to measure outcomes” and “most users view current outcomes measurement as a largely opaque process in need of much greater transparency.” Jamie in our Department of the Obvious is impressed.

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Snap Buys Fit Analytics to Improve Online Shopping

Fit Analytics

There are measurements and then there are measurements. Snapchat parent Snap has purchased Fit Analytics, which helps people find right-sized clothing. You can file this under “social platforms expanding into e-commerce” if you want to connect it to something significant.

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