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April 6, 2021

Airship Adds Proactive Chat

Airship Adds Proactive Chat


Mobile marketing platform Airship has added Live Chat, an option that watches online customers and offers to chat when it spots an opportunity or problem. Triggers can be based on a combination of behavior, location, lifecycle events, and journey status. Customers will be grateful or creeped out, or maybe a bit of both.

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Under 20% of Companies Are Confident in Their Martech: Nielsen Report


Small companies are heavily focused on personalization while bigger ones worry more about identity resolution, according to this Neilsen report. Fewer than 20% of all sizes are very confident they have the right martech, between a quarter and a half plan to increase martech spend in the next year, and bigger companies are much more interested in second party data. Good stuff.

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Third Party Data Sales Will Grow in 2021: Explorium Study


Third party data isn’t dead or even dying: in fact, 78% of companies plan to increase their data acquisition budget in 2021, according to this Explorium study. Demographics, company, financial, and anonymized individual data are the most common purchases, while business intelligence, advanced analytics, and predictive models are almost tied as the most common applications.

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