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Quite a week!

Massive amount of leaked data published, potentially massive class action, and three new Google announcements as we move into spring.

--Susan Raab, Editor

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32M in U.S, 11M in UK, 6M in India and more globally are vulnerable to scams

Hacked data of 533 million+ Facebook users leaked 

A cyber crime intelligence firm discovered that a mass of personal data from a Facebook breach in 2019 has been published online, exposing more than half a billion people. Information includes names, phone numbers, email addresses, biographical information and location data. While Facebook can't do anything about the data reveal, it could alert users, since they are now easy targets for scams and identity theft. 

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Accusation is: Google violates user privacy billions times/day 

Google ad auctions targeted in putative class action suit

Hosted daily ad auctions allow advertisers, political campaigns and many others to bid & send digital ads. These millisecond bidding auctions also provide data to winners plus all other participants, and the claimants say it violates Google's privacy claims. A putative class action suit is designed to be on behalf of known and as yet unknown victims.

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IT'S THE LAW                                   

The Genetic Information Privacy Act (GIPA), due to go into effect this May in Utah, is unusual because it is designed to protect consumer data collected by genetic testing companies. Historically, laws related to genetic testing focused on how genetic data is collected, shared or used, whereas GIPA will focus on corporate responsibility with regard to notice, data use, data security and individual rights.

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DataGrail's privacy trends study of millions of California consumers after one year under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) shows that while individuals are concerned about how their information is used, barely one in ten thousand have so far exercised their rights. Within that group, Do Not Sell is the leading (63/million) type of request.

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Google follows Apple lead on adding app privacy for Android

...and adds indoor locator and sleep monitoring features (privacy optional)

Google has made a series of announcements: One change will make it harder for third-party apps to see what other apps are installed on an Android device, because Google now considers a user's list of apps "personal and sensitive data." Access will be limited to apps that need access to other apps for specific functionality or need broad visibility of other apps to operate. 

Google also is adding Live View to Google Maps, a feature that uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to help you navigate when you're inside a building.  Rather than ask for help finding a restroom or elevator, your phone will show arrows in a virtual view guiding you to the exact location. 

And for complete omnipresence, Google Nest Hub offers to monitor your in-bed activity (unless you pause to disable tracking and microphones). However, its radar-based scanning technology can provide personal sleep-tracking reports, including on coughing and snoring. 

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In Brief: 

New comparison study indicates Android shares 20x more data with Google than iOS shares with Apple: Google disagrees with findings. Read More

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