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April 9, 2021

Average Marketer Uses 21 Marketing and Advertising Systems

Average Marketer Uses 21 Marketing and Advertising Systems: Salesforce Report


It’s not your imagination: wrangling marketing data is tough. Nearly half (43%) of marketers spend more than one week per month assembling information, according to this Salesforce report, and just 31% are “very confident” it’s accurate. One reason: the average marketer uses 21 different marketing and advertising platforms. Lots more good stuff here.

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Marketers Don't Understand Consumer Privacy Concerns: MMA and AppsFlyer Research


Marketers aren’t doing very well when it comes to understanding their customers, either. MMA Global and AppsFlyer found marketers overestimate consumers’ concern about controlling their data and underestimate their annoyance that other people make money from it. More cluelessness: just 16% of marketers think privacy concerns impact consumer behavior, while 44% of consumers say it does.

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Most Companies Still Deliver Static Web Sites: The Drum Survey

The Drum

Since we’re delivering bad news today, let’s also note that marketers are still struggling with online basics. The Drum found that just 33% of UK businesses provide a personalized Web site and only 27% deliver any type of dynamic content. Three-quarters identify fewer than 20% of their Web site visitors and 65% struggle with unconnected data sets. Have a great weekend!

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