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April 26, 2021

InMobi Appends Universal IDs to Mobile App Data

InMobi Appends Universal IDs to Mobile App Data


I tried to give you a break from universal ID news, Dear Reader, but vendors keep coming up with new variants. Mobile ad network InMobi has launched UnifiID, which lets app publishers add IDs from LiveRamp, ID5, and/or BritePool to their data. InMobi plans to offer IDs from Epsilon, Liveintent, Parrable, Zeotap, and others in the future.

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Mediavine Lets Publishers Apply ID5 IDs to Visitor Data


Mediavine, which offers services to Web site publishers, is also making it easier for their clients to append shared IDs to their visitor data. They’ve just added ID5 to their list of ID partners, which already included LiveRamp and The Trade Desk-developed Unified ID 2.0. Separately: identity graph vendor Infutor has announced support for Unified ID 2.0.

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Target, Comcast Expand Options for Ad Targeting


Ready to give up on universal IDs and retreat to a walled garden? They have plenty of news too. Target has just connected its Roundel digital ad network with the CitrusAd self-service media buying tool.  And Comcast’s FreeWheel adtech group is piloting a new system that creates combined audiences across linear and digital video platforms.

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