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April 30, 2021

Acxiom Partners with Google Cloud Services

Acxiom Partners with Google Cloud Services


Google Cloud keeps adding partners that expand its customer data management capabilities. The latest is Acxiom, which will make its marketing analytics, data management, and compiled data sets available in the Google Cloud environment. The deal is mostly about Acxiom running its services on Google Cloud, not making Acxiom data more easily available.

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Criteo Uses Purchase Data to Refine Contextual Ad Placement


Contextual advertising is being reborn as an alternative to cookie-based ad targeting. Adtech vendor Criteo is improving contextual results by adding insights based on each publisher’s first-party purchase data. Specifically, it will identify the content related to each purchase, find other pages with similar contents, and show ads with relevant product recommendations. Old-school contextual targeting wasn’t refined with purchase history.

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ANA Attacks Programmatic Media Transparency with an RFP

Association of National Advertisers

Ad industry group ANA has issued a Request for Proposal for a study of programmatic media transparency, which the ANA described as “riddled with material issues including thin transparency, fractured accountability, and mind-numbing complexity.” ANA CEO Bobo Liodice added that “Marketers do not have a fully transparent line of sight into their programmatic supply chains”. Jamie in our Department of the Obvious is impressed.

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