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Florida and Washington stall on privacy bills, Amazon faces potential class action

New privacy bills fell in Florida and Washington because of disagreement over consumer right of action, and Amazon faces a class-action related to Alexa data collection. 

--Susan Raab, Editor

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Significant industry growth 

Tech Vendor Report: IAPP 2021

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) has released its 2021 Privacy Tech Vendor Report, which shows 356 vendors in 11 categories, up from 304 in 2020 and from 44 when they started tracking in 2017.

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Biometrics: fast, easy - advisable?

Echoworx adds biometrics to email encryption

Echoworx, which has over 1M users in 30 countries using its email protection platform, is serving up a  passwordless authentication via biometrics. This aligns with Gartner's 2019 projection that by 2022, "90% of midsize enterprises, will implement passwordless methods in more than 50% of use cases." 

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IT'S NOT THE LAW                                   

After much fanfare, support by Florida’s governor, and passage of conflicting versions in the state House and Senate, the Florida legislature adjourned without a final vote on a proposed privacy bill, which would have been the third enacted in the U.S. The House included a private right of action while the Senate did not.  The House then failed to vote on the revised bill, leaving the state with no new legislation.

Washington State also saw its privacy bill fail - for the third year in a row. As in Flordia, the state House and Senate failed to agree on private lawsuits.

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Amazon to face potential class-action suit over children's voiceprint collection 

The U.S. federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refused Amazon's request for arbitration and allowed the case to proceed. The 2019 suit alleges that the company captured and stored the voiceprints in violation of privacy laws in eight states. Lawyers for the plaintiffs claim Alexa illegally records kids without parental consent and are seeking monetary compensation for the as well as an injunction that requires Amazon to get consent before it records minors’ interactions with Alexa.

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Understanding data use key for consumer trust 

A new report from Bluecore finds consumer trust in a brand has more to do with service and purchase experience than time using the product itself. Price had the highest impact on willingness to trust a brand, and a comparison of different age groups showed that for Millenials and Boomers, more than 20% deemed communication on how their data would be used to be an important factor. 

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In Brief: 

The Dutch government temporarily suspended use of its coronavirus warning app last week. This was in response to concern that on Android, the app, which alerts users of possible exposure to a person with COVID19, might allow data to be picked up by other apps. Read More

Britain's Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) intends to find and punish hackers who breached their system amounting to 345,000 documents and information. The materials accessed included training documents, internal passwords, staff payment information and financial audits, were made widely accessible. Read More

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