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May 6, 2021

Google Adds AI-Based Chat Agent Support

Google Adds AI-Based Chat Agent Support


Google has added chat agent assistance to its Contact Center AI platform. The new services will suggest responses to customer behaviors and recommend information to send to customers who need help. Did you know that Google had a contact center product?

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Pecan.ai Raises $35 Million for Soup-to-Nuts Predictive Model Building

Venture Beat

Speaking of predictive analytics: no-code neural network platform Pecan.ai has raised a $35 million Series B, bringing total funding to $50 million. Pecan automates the entire model development process from data preparation to model training to score distribution.

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Tech Investment Leaders Grow Revenue 5X Rate of Laggards: Accenture Report


Do you ever wonder whether these tech investments really add business value? Accenture just found that leading tech adopters grow revenue five times faster than tech investment laggards. Even better news: non-leaders can leapfrog into the leader category by shifting funds from operations to innovation. Download for more good advice.

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