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May 11, 2021

CDP Integration Falls Short

CDP Integration Falls Short: BlueVenn Report


This BlueVenn study contains all sorts of juicy tidbits. Two faves: just 37% of U.S. marketers and 45% of U.K. marketers say their CDP is fully integrated with other systems; and about half collect but ignore customer preferences for contact channel and frequency. Much more comparing consumer vs marketer opinions (spoiler alert: marketers aren’t doing as a good a job as they think).

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Amperity Adds Connectors and Analytical Data Warehouse


CDP vendor Amperity is doing its bit to improve CDP integration, adding over 120 new connectors with its latest release. Other changes include a new read-only data warehouse for analysis tools, expanded campaign functions, and no-cookie identity management.

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Ada Raises $130 Million for No-Code Chatbots

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No-code chatbot maker Ada has raised a $130 million Series C, bringing its total funding to $190 million. The product lets customer service employees build self-service tools for customers, which would seem to put both programmers and support agents out of work. That’s progress, right?

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