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Facebook faces injunction in Germany - and new studies show compliance is proving a challenge for business

Facebook continues to get stopped via GDPR, this time, for WhatsApp data processing. And, two new surveys reveal the difficulties businesses are facing with regard to regulations and compliance. 

--Susan Raab, Editor

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Dispute over new terms of use favoring advertising

Facebook prohibited using German WhatsApp data

Hamburg’s data authority issued an injunction against Facebook to stop processing the WhatsApp data of German citizens. Facebook, which recently issued new terms for continued use of WhatsApp, has 60M German users. The regulator challenged the legality of Facebook’s update and issued a 3-month order preventing the company from continuing data processing. 

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Company use of Web-Tracking IDs prohibited 

Disqus Inc. may face fine in Norway equal to €2.5M 

Disqus Inc., the U.S. company which provides a forum and online tools for publishers, received notification from Norwegian data protection authority, Datailsynet that it was acting in violation of GDPR. The data authority found Disqus tracking, profiling and sharing data with third-party advertisers without legal basis.  Disqus said it didn’t realize GDPR regulation applied, since Norway is not an EU member. 

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IT'S THE LAW                                   

The “Children and Teens’ Online Privacy Protection Act” has been introduced in U.S. Senate. The bipartisan bill aims to create a ‘Digital Marketing Bill of Rights for Minors,’ updating the country’s Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) with changes including: 1) prohibiting internet companies from collecting personal information from anyone 13- to 15-years old; 2) creating a user ‘Erasure Button’ to excise personal information; and 3) establish a new office, the ‘Youth Privacy and Marketing Division’ at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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81% of leaders in Fortune 500 are not certain they can delete PII across Cloud repositories

Privicera survey reveals significant challenges in ensuring data security in the Cloud. Seventy percent of Fortune 500 data access participants polled found migrating analytics workloads more difficult; 58% reported a conflict of interest between managing analytics and security; and 81% were not confident of PII deletion across data repositories.

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Mobile measurement use grows along with privacy compliance concerns and fines.  

Advertisers in the U.S., UK and Germany are either using (66%), or experimenting with (28%) mobile measurement routinely, according to a new AppsFlyer and IDC survey. At the same time they are concerned (69%) about privacy violations, the risk of revenue and reputation loss, and about fines. The survey also found that the toughest punishments were given to U.S. companies (4.4%), a number roughly double either the UK or Germany. 

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Tracker shows status of GDPR impact to date

Privacy Affairs' GDPR Tracker provides a country-by-country breakdown of fines levied since the law's inception in May 2018. Italy, France, Germany and the UK had the highest total fines, while more (22) were levied against companies in Spain than anywhere else. 

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In Brief: 

Ireland’s High Court denies Facebook’s appeal for EU -> US data flow. Company could be forced to halt transfer of EU user information to its servers. Read More

Italy’s DPA requires TikTok to remove 500K young user accounts. Complying with the regulator's order to recheck ages of all its Italian users, the company identified more than 500K who were either confirmed younger than 13 or were determined likely to be under 16. Read More

Forty-four U.S. Attorneys General join to press Facebook to drop 'Instagram for kids'. This is part of growing opposition to the idea - which Facebook has so far ignored. Read More

The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) and the Global Data and Marketing Alliance (GDMA) have released the GDMA Global Privacy Principles. An ethical framework and best practice guide for the data and marketing industries. Read More


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