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March 27, 2107

More Data Powers Better Marketing Analytics

Anexinet Extends Social Monitoring Platform To All Unstructured Sources


Let’s talk today about analytics. We’ll start with an announcement from digital solution provider Anexinet, which has expanded its ListenLogic social media analytics solution to include unstructured data from call center recordings, email, chat, text, CRM, and other channels. The system looks for patterns that can be used to guide customer interactions and predict future behavior.

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Engagement Labs Connects Conversations with Sales Results


Behavior patterns are interesting but marketers really want to know what drives revenue.  Social analytics firm Engagement Labs has added syndicated sales data to its propriety database of online and offline conversation metrics. Resulting reports will show correlations between conversations and sales, although they apparently won’t include other factors that could also influence results. Engagement Labs’ says it has  “the world’s only offline word of mouth tracking system for brands”.

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How It Works: Sentient Ascend Uses Artificial Intelligence for Faster, More Productive Conversion Optimization

Conversion Uplift

Looking for something more rigorous than patterns or correlations? How about  multivariate testing using artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms to optimize conversion rates? In this stellar blog post, Neal Cole of digital agency Conversion Uplift explains the workings of Sentient Ascend’s testing system.  Worth knowing.

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