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March 31, 2017

Fun Tech Stuff

Clarifai Adds Fashion Concepts and 10,000+ Celebrities to Automated Image Tagging

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You’ve had a busy week and are looking forward to some relaxation, right? Let’s start the weekend early with some fun tech stuff. First up is Clarifai, which uses artificial intelligence to tag images in photos and videos. They recently added more than 100 fashion-related concepts and more than 10,000 recognized celebrities. Tagging makes it easier to relate content consumption to viewer interests, explained Captain Obvious.

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Ayuda[x] Tests AI-Driven Out of Home Ad Server


Next, news that oddly-named Ayuda[x] is testing an AI-driven ad server for digital billboards, in-store displays, and such. The system monitors mobile device signals to measure in-store foot traffic, correlates the traffic with ad messages, and adjusts the messages to improve results. Cool but it's still not targeted at specific individuals, Minority Report-style.

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ADVR Embeds Brand Stories in Virtual and Augmented Realities

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And, since the real world just isn’t big enough for all the messages marketers need to send, start-up ADVR has launched a “discovery marketing engine for virtual and augmented reality applications”. This doesn’t do anything so mundane as inject ads into alternate realities. Instead, it builds in “branded stories or complementary in-world experiences” into games and other virtual environments, potentially including “protracted stories that persist across multiple realities.” So those shoes that chase you across the internet in retargeting ads can now really chase you across the internet. Tell me that’s not a nightmare.

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