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April 6, 2017

Marketers Are Frustrated by Martech

LinkedIn Will Pre-Populate Ad Forms With User Profiles

Ad Exchanger

LinkedIn will pre-populate advertising forms with data from user profiles, according to this report. The change is positioned as a way to increase response to mobile ads, where data entry is challenging for users (unless they’re under 25, which case they type faster on a phone than a keyboard). In reality, it should provide more accurate information and higher conversion rates. Clever way to leverage that data,

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Sysomos Adds Prescriptive Analytics Across All Social Channels


Social marketing platform Sysomos has added artificial intelligence-based prescriptive insights to its platform, finding trends in real time and suggesting relevant content to publish. The platform integrates data from earned, owned and paid social channels. That;s still a silo, but at least it’s one big silo for all of social.

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Study: Marketers Are Frustrated By Martech


The Martech Industry Council, a group of 28 B2B martech vendors and users, found that marketers most enjoy creating new campaigns, programs, and events, and least enjoy managing prospect data, developing workflows, and learning new tools. No surprise but worth an occasional reminder. Also no surprise: top frustrations with martech were too many technologies to keep up with and integration challenges. Just 12% said martech was creating “significant” value, although 80% saw “somewhat more value”.  Also: the average company used 16 martech products and spent 10-19% of its marketing budget on technology. Other good stuff in there too.  Worth a look.

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