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April 13, 2017

Bad News About Customer Experience

Airline Executives See Technology As Biggest Obstacle to Better Customer Experience: Forbes Survey


It only took United Airlines two days to determine it’s a bad idea to physically beat your customers (although it’s more likely they decided what’s bad is getting caught). For more insight into the industry mindset, here’s a Forbes survey of airline executes taken before the incident.  The group rated technology as by far the largest obstacle to improving customer experience, with human resources and organizational structure ranking well behind and “lack of vision” dead last. As customer data advocates, we’re cheered by such attitudes. As frequent fliers, not so much.

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Majority of Firms Experience More than One Customer-Impacting Tech Failure Per Week: PagerDuty Study


Airlines get away with abusing passengers because fliers have little real choice. In the digital realm, where choices are abundant and switching is easy, customers have no patience for poor performance. This study from operations management tech vendor PagerDuty found that 69% of consumers would leave a digital service if it doesn’t work well for more than 15 minutes. It also found that 38% of organizations need at least 30 minutes to resolve incidents that impact customer experience. If you think this isn’t your problem, think again: the most firms have at least one customer-impacting incident per week and about two fifths of those outages affect sales (40%) or marketing (37%).

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Companies Lack True Commitment to Customer Experience: DimensionData Research


Let's stick with customer experience, although the news remains grim. A study from digital services vendor DimensionData finds that just 13% of organizations rate their customer experience at 9 of 10 or better, even though 71% say it's their top strategic performance measure. Similarly, connected customer journeys via omnichannel solutions are the top-ranked technology trend for 2017 but 70% of companies have no or very few channels currently connected. A charmingly delusional 80% expect to have all or most channels connected within two years. .

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