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April 24, 2017

What Consumers Want

Consumers Will Pay 17% More for Product Supported by Text Messaging: Quiq Survey


Let’s talk today about what consumers want. We’ll start a report from Quiq, which provides text messaging technology for customer service. They found consumers would pay 17% more for products that featured – you guessed it – text messaging for customer service. The survey has some more useful general information, such as that six in ten consumers would never buy again from a company that delivered a poor service experience. And, if you’ve just escaped from ten years in an ice cave, you may be surprised to learn that nearly 100% of Millenials text every day.

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Consumers Will Pay More for Biometric Credit Card: SmartMetric Survey


What else might consumers pay for? Biometric credit card maker SmartMetric asked about biometric credit cards and, by golly, 67% said they’d pay $69.95 for one. SmartMetric matches a user’s fingerprint against a print stored on the card itself, so there’s no privacy-risking central database. Not a bad idea although a recent study found that fingerprint readers may not be all that secure. (If you want more security, EyeLock recently received a patent for linking iris authentication to facial imaging.)

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Consumers Most Likely to Share Personal Data To Save Money: [24]7 Survey


Taking a broader view of consumer preferences, a YouGov study for [24]7 found that 43% of consumers are willing to share personal data in exchange for money-saving personalized promotions, discounts, or deals, and 39% will share it to get speedier issue resolution. But mistakes are costly: 32% said they disliked personalized messages that felt like an invasion of privacy, 29% they disliked irrelevant messages, and 28% don’t like messages personalized with data they didn’t provide explicitly. Quite a bit of other interesting information here as well. [24]7 didn’t publish the full report but they might send it to you if you ask nicely. It worked for me.

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