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April 28, 2017

New Personalization Solutions

Oracle Adds Artificial Intelligence Apps for Customer Experience


It’s no longer news when a vendor adds artificial intelligence to its products. But you’ll probably still be interested to learn that Oracle has added a slew of AI-based apps to its customer experience solutions. The sales and marketing parts use AI to select the most relevant personalized content for individuals.

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Dynamic Yield Launches Solution for Mobile Ecommerce

Dynamic Yield

Ecommerce personalization vendor Dynamic Yield has launched a new product that supports mobile Web sites. The system builds unified customer profiles, generates product recommendations, and dynamically adjusts mobile page layouts. Dynamic Yield also supports personalization, testing, and segmentation for mobile apps, email, and display advertising. As Dynamic Yield points out, mobile accounts for 60% of online traffic but just 16% of online purchases, mostly due to poor mobile ecommerce experience.

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Moveable Ink Adds Open-Time Inventory Updates to Emails

PR Web

Moveable Ink has added a service to display live prices and inventory information within emails, using data read from client systems when the email is opened. This requires direct integration with back-end systems holding the information. It’s especially relevant for industries with constantly changing prices and availability such as airlines, hotels, and entertainment events. Oh, and retail.

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