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May 9, 2017

Platforms Galore

SimpleReach Content Data Platform Adds $13 Million Funding

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SimpleReach has built a business assembling information about marketing content consumption.  It calls itself a “content data platform” although it doesn’t use the initials CDP. Data gathered by the system is used to by publishers and marketers to create a unified view of content distribution. The company just announced $13 million in funding, bringing its total to $24 million.

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CELUM Content Productivity Platform Adds Marketplace


CELUM manages content creation, management, distribution, and monetization. Its core business is digital asset management but it has just added project management and a content marketplace that lets creators and marketers buy, sell, and share content. They call the extended offering a Content Productivity Platform, which would be CPP if they used the abbreviation. Which they don’t.

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Rubrik Cloud Data Management Platform Raises $180 Million


Rubrik offers a “Cloud Data Management platform”.  That sounds super-sexy but is mostly about boring things like data backup and copy management. On the other hand, they just raised $180 million in Series D at $1.3 billion valuation. That’s sexy in its own way.  No, they don't call it a CDMP.

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