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May 15, 2017

Another Day, Another $10 Million

Account-Based Marketing Vendor Terminus Adds $10.3 Million Funding

Business Wire

Account-based marketing vendor Terminus announced $10.3 million Series B funding, bringing total funding to more than $17 million. Terminus’ primary offering is Web display ads but it has broader ambitions.

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Predictive Analytics Vendor Mintigo Raises Another $10 Million

PR Newswire

B2B predictive analytics and data vendor Mintigo has added $10 million in funding, bringing its total to $44 million. Mintigo assembles data on more than 50 million companies and 200 million professionals worldwide, using it to select targets, score leads, and advise insights to sales people.  It currently positions itself as an artificial intelligence platform.

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Social Media Analytics Vendor DataSift Announces Media Strategy API


Social media analytics firm DataSift announced a new Media Strategies API that will use insights from social data to help ad agencies define target audiences and content topics. The new product is an extension of DataSift’s core business of analyzing LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social streams. Shockingly, DataSift doesn’t call itself an artificial intelligence firm, although it does mention natural language processing, machine learning, and Big Data.

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