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May 17, 2017

Ad Targeting from Clever to Creepy

Cluep Targets Ads Based on Photo Contents

Fast Company

Here’s a fun item: Toronto-based Cluep analyzes images that people post on social media, extracts information such as brands, products, and activities, and uses it to target real-time advertising. It also identifies the age, gender, and ethnicity of people in the pictures; analyzes sentiments expressed towards topics, brands, and keywords; and incorporates weather and location-based targeting. On second thought, is that fun or is it creepy?

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VoiceLabs Embeds Ads in Amazon Alexa Interactions


Another dispatch from the border between amazing and horrifying: voice experience vendor VoiceLabs has found a way to embed advertisements in Amazon Alexa voice-based interactions. Apparently consumers will hear a brief ad and have options to ask for more information, add the product to a cart, and give feedback to the advertiser. I know this was inevitable but sometimes the future arrives faster than you’d like.

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People.io Launches Data-for-Rewards App in Germany


Speaking of inevitable: if consumers are going to be targeted no matter what, they might as well get paid for allowing it, right? That’s more or less the principle behind People.io, which gives consumers modest rewards in exchange for answering questions about their interests, activities, or habits. The information is used to target advertisements, although it's never shared outside of People.io  The whole thing is GDPR complaint. People.io just did its first major international deal, making a version of its app available to 44 million customers of Telefónica Germany.

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