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May 23, 2017

Vendors Add AI-Based Features

Datorama Genius Offers AI-Generated Insights


Let’s try some actual industry news today. (So crazy, it just might work). Customer Data Platform vendor Datorama has released “Genius”, an artificial intelligence-powered feature that continuously monitors data the system collects and provides marketers with actionable insights such as which audience segments are responding above average. The system watches how marketers respond so it can learn which insights they find most useful and offer similar ones in the future.

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Lattice Engines Promises AI-Based Segmentation

Lattice Engines

B2B predictive analytics vendor Lattice Engines has announced a AI-based segmentation engine that finds companies most likely to convert within Lattice’s 200 million global company database.  It then feeds them clients’ marketing automation and sales systems. The AI product is in beta with release expected in the second half of this year.

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MarianaIQ Adds AI-Based Account Targeting

PR Newswire

B2B profiling vendor MarianaIQ was built from the start on using artificial intelligence to identify buyer personas. They’ve just announced a neural network-based model to help companies find new target accounts. Also new: a targeting option for Google AdWords, which joins existing Twitter and Facebook ad capabilities.

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