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June 7, 2017

Segment Adds Cross Domain Analytics

Segment Helps Companies Track Visitors Across Company-Owned Domains


Customer Data Platform vendor Segment has introduced Cross Domain Analytics, which lets brands track customer activity across their own digital properties by using second party (i.e., shared) cookies. This lets them avoid reliance on third party cookies owned by other companies. Segment notes that second party cookies are less likely to be blocked than third party cookies, providing more complete information. The downside is Cross Domain Analytics won’t track customers across other companies’ properties.

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Autopilot Takes $12 Million More Funding for Customer Journey Management


Fast-growing journey orchestration vendor Autopilot has received $12 million in funding, bringing its total to $32 million. Unlike conventional marketing automation systems, Autopilot draws on data stored externally through integrations including Segment, Zapier and Salesforce.com. In fact, Salesforce Ventures is among the new investors. Autopilot reports more than 2,300 customers.

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OpenText to Acquire Covisint


There’s more to marketing today than talking to people. Covisint manages identities and messaging among machines as well as humans. It’s especially well connected in the automobile industry. The company just agreed to be bought for $103 million by enterprise information management vendor OpenText.

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