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June 12, 2017

Services to Replace Retail As We Know It

Accenture: Subscriptions and Services Will Replace Most Retail


"Digital transformation” can describe many types of change. But this Accenture study paints a specific picture of a future where subscription services replace traditional pick-it-off-the-shelf retail. The accompanying survey found that 63% of consumers would consider automatic replenishment of household goods like detergent and 24% would let brands select products for them automatically.

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PriceLocal Lets Local Stores Match Amazon Prices

PR Web

Subscriptions may be a long-term threat to retail, but the immediate danger comes from online shopping. PriceLocal helps local stores fight back by hijacking Amazon business. Consumers install a browser extension that watches their Amazon searches and can place orders for same day pickup at local stores at the Amazon Prime price. The service just added 10,000 new stores to its roster, including Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Office Depot, Fry’s, and Toys R Us.

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Dentsu Aegis Network Plans to Target All Ads at Trackable Individuals

Dentsu Aegis Network

If subscription services replace retailers and consumers shop mostly within closed systems like Amazon and Facebook, it gets really hard for advertising to have an impact. But until that happens, Dentsu Aegis Network hopes to target all ads at specific (though anonymized) individuals. It has just launched M1, a “people-based marketing platform” that assigns a persistent anonymized ID to every adult in the U.S. and can synch that ID with publishers’ own IDs. It currently has 242 million anonymized profiles based on actual name, address, and/or email address.

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