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June 16, 2017

Marketing of the Future

Martech/Adtech Convergence Is Near: Forrester and LiveIntent


More than one-third of marketers polled have already begun to integrate martech and adtech, according to a Forrester survey sponsored by LiveIntent, which places advertisements within emails. More than half (57%) expect their own companies to “converge” the technologies within the next two years. The study doesn’t explicitly define what “converging” the technologies would mean or when it became a transitive verb.

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Personalization, Customer Understanding, and Single Customer View Top Marketers’ Priority Lists: Incite Group

Incite Group

Here’s another look at broad industry trends, this time from UK-based research firm Incite Group. They found marketers’ most pressing 2017 priorities are personalization, understanding customers and building a single customer view, which of course means they should all buy Customer Data Platforms. Lowest immediate priorities included futuristic things like artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and virtual reality, which is understandable, and attribution, which is a bit more disturbing.

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Artificial Intelligence Will Have Trillion Dollar Impact on CRM: IDC and Salesforce.com


Maybe marketers should pay more immediate attention to AI. An IDC study sponsored by Salesforce.com found that AI will have a trillion dollar impact on CRM over the next five years, including $726 billion more revenue, $265 billion less cost, and $121 billion increased productivity. That’s impressive until you read that it’s just 0.1% of total business revenue over that period. The most common application among current AI users was data preparation and enrichment (48%), followed by voice/speech recognition (41%) and advanced numeric analysis (also 41%). Lots of other interesting stuff.

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