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June 19, 2017

What Do Readers Want?

Datalicious Study: 38% of All Touchpoints Missed by Cookie-Based Measurement


You surprised me last week, Dear Reader, by downloading more copies than expected of that IAB study on mobile identities and cross-device matching. So here’s more on the topic, this time from CDP vendor and attribution specialist Datalicious. They found that cookie-based measurement is especially bad at tracking the impact of mobile advertising. No surprise but lots of numbers that prove what you suspected.

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Talend Data Integration Adds More Cloud Connectors


On the theory that you read this newsletter because you’re interested in managing data, here’s a report that Talend has updated its data integration software to connect with cloud platforms including Cloudera Altus, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake. It already had an Amazon Web Services connector. Talend also announced AI-powered services to improve data matching and cleansing.

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Funding: CognitiveScale Raises $15 Million and Element AI Raises $102 Million


Another theory is you like to read funding announcements. Okay, then: CognitiveScale, which offers customer- and employee-facing products that interpret and respond to user behaviors, recently added $15 million in funding, bringing its total to $50 million. Meanwhile, Element AI raised $102 million to grow its business, which provides AI-based advertising, customer engagement, and contact center applications among many other things. Element AI says it’s the biggest-ever Series A funding round for an AI company.

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