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October 24, 2016

Weather Company Launches Watson Ads, Land of Nod Case Study on Cross-Device, Hijacked IoT Devices Powered Internet Attack

The Weather Company Launches First Watson Ads Campaign

The Weather Company

Intelligent advertising is less an oxymoron than ever: Watson Ads lets you ask questions to an advertisement and get back answers powered by IBM Watson.  The Weather Channel, now owned by IBM, launched its first Watson Ads campaign last week.

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Case Study: Land of Nod Isn’t Just Playing Around With Cross-Device


Land of NodCross matches 94% of its customers with anonymized profiles from Conversant.  Conversant gathers behavioral data directly and transactional data from around 4,000 retailers to create profiles that link individual across channels and devices.  The average Conversant profile combines an average of 14 cookies and devices.

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Not So Funny: IoT Devices Powered Massive Internet Outage

Krebs on Security

An article Akamai Warns of Account Takeovers Staged from Cameras, Routers has been sitting in my news queue since October 14, mostly because I was amused by the vision of  our home-based devices rising against us.  Last week's huge distributed denial of service attack made Akamai look astoundingly prescient and showed this was no joke at all.  

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