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July 7, 2017

What's in a Name?

Gravity4 Introduces AI-Based Digital Marketing Optimizer


Let’s catch up with news about AI in programmatic advertising.  Starting with the cutest name, Gravity4 has launched Mona Lisa, a digital assistant that forecasts which programmatic media channels will yield the best results.  She’s one smart lady, doing automated lookalike modeling, lead scoring, collaborative filtering, classification, regression, decision trees, recommendation engines, clustering, topic modeling and sequential pattern mining on data from 19 countries.  Gravity4 assembles customer data from social, CRM, email, mobile, and advertising apps based on at least fifteen acquisitions since 2014.

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MainAd Uses Individual-Level Predictions to Adjust Programmatic Ad Bids


Programmatic display and retargeting vendor MainAd named its new tool Logico, which isn’t cute at all.  It applies machine learning to individual-level profiles, using the results to predict individual behaviors and adjust ad bids accordingly.  MainAd calls itself an ad tech company but apparently creates custom campaigns for each client, making it more like an agency. 

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TVSquared Automates Direct Response TV Buying


When it comes to naming products, TVSquared is either super-ironic or just doesn’t care: they call their new prediction tool “Predict”.  It draws on TVSquared’s worldwide database of direct response TV ad results to “predict” (get it?) which buys will generate the most response.  Then it then executes the purchases. 

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