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July 11, 2017

Media Vassals Rebel Against Facebook and Google

French Publishers Band Together to Compete with Facebook and Google


Who needs Game of Thrones when we can watch Google and Facebook battle with publishers to control the marketing world?  Jumping right into Season 11, we find unrest in France, where media vassals have created the Gravity Alliance, which pools their data resources to offer a programmatic advertising alternative to the overlords.  But there’s already dissent among the rebels: two other publisher consortia have emerged that let advertisers buy digital campaigns across their combined properties but don’t provide a merged data pool. 

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U.S. News Media Ask for Anti-Trust Exemption to Negotiate with Google and Facebook

News Media Alliance

Across the Great Ocean, the 2,000 member News Media Alliance has offered some dark humor by asking the media-hostile U.S. Congress to grant an anti-trust exemption so they can negotiate with the duopolists as a group.  Meanwhile, restive U.S. publishers have formed their own data-sharing alliance on the Sonobi addressable marketplace.  It’s said to reach 150 million unique users without relying on cookies.  In a skillful thrust at the duopolists’ weak spots, the group guarantees its ads will appear only on reputable sites and reach only real people.  The U.S.publishers are also divided, with some offering pooled inventory on the mysteriously named Trust X ad exchange.

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Facebook Considers Better Terms for Publishers


With what must surely be a contemptuous sneer, Facebook has responded with rumors of minor concessions to publishers, including some ability to charge directly for articles read through Facebook and even a glimpse at precious subscriber data.  Google’s response will have to wait for the next episode.

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