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July 13, 2017

Segment CDP Raises $64 Million

Segment Customer Data Platform Raises $64 Million Series C


CDP vendor Segment announced a $64 million Series C investment, bringing its total funding to $109 million.  Segment says more than 15,000 customers use its technology to connect Web site and mobile app data with 200+ analytics and marketing tools.  Segment’s $64 million nearly equals the $74 million that all CDP vendors combined raised in the first half of 2017 (see yesterday's newsletter for details).

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Mobile Ad Vendor UberMedia Buys Mobile Data Provider Cintric


Sticking with business news, mobile advertising and analytics company UberMedia has acquired Cintric, which packages location information from mobile apps   This gives UberMedia a new data stream.  It’s a reminder that mobile advertising and location data go hand-in-hand and are increasingly important.  But you knew that.

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ChannelTech Firms Zift Solutions and Relayware Agree to Merge

Zift Solutions

Did you also know that "ChannelTech" is the latest industry mashword?  Not really, since I just made it up.  I also made up “mashword”, which sounds less pretentious than “portmanteau”.  The non-fake news is that Zift Solutions and Relayware, which both help companies market through channel partners, have just announced a merger.  ChannelTech is interesting because it’s a parallel universe to martech that’s unfamiliar to most direct-to-customer marketers.  Parallel universes are interesting because they often contain ideas worth borrowing.  Feel free to call them “borrideas”.  You're welcome.

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