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July 14, 2017

Consumers Search for Simplicity

Media Consumption Growth May Be Slowing


One of the most astonishing trends of the past few decades has been people’s seemingly bottomless appetite for consuming more media.  It seems they may have finally reached the saturation point: a study from the Zenith media agency found worldwide growth is nearly flat (although North American growth is still creeping ahead).  More intriguing, a company called BioPage has decided to launch a new social media platform that limits users to two posts per day, “preventing users from being bombarded with status updates and having to scroll through post after post just to keep up with it all.”    And, although the data may be skewed by changes in its customer base, journey orchestration vendor Kitewheel reports that social interactions through its system fell from 75% of interactions in 2014 to just 5% in 2016.  Obviously, total traffic on social networks continues to rise but maybe this won’t continue indefinitely after all.

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Voice Appliances May Replace Screen Time

Walker Sands

One reason media time might decline is the growth of alternative interfaces, notably voice devices like Amazon Alexa.  A study by the Walker Sands marketing agency found that 24% of consumers currently own a voice controlled device, 19% have already made a purchase through a voice device, and 33% are likely to make such a purchase in the next year.   Meanwhile, National Public Media found that 65% of smart speaker owners wouldn’t go back to life without one.  (They also found that one-third of non-owners fear the government would listen in on them.)  On the other hand, even the latest conveniences may no longer be enough to sell new tech: behavior measurement company Verto Analytics found that phone-based personal assistants like Apple Siri are slowly falling in popularity, except for navigation and mapping apps.  They also found the most avid users of personal assistant apps are 52 year old women, which the report delicately describes as “ a demographic population that traditionally falls outside of the expected early adopter user base.”

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Emoji Search Is Growing


When even speaking is too much work, there are always pictures.  DigiDay tells us that emoji search has grown from a joke to an actual trend.  So much so, in fact, that measurement vendor Moat has partnered with “visual messaging platform” Emogi to measure performance of branded emojis and stickers.  And It’s not just emojis: visual shopping search company ViSenze reported in February that they had processed 350 million image queries in 2016, a 250% increase over 2015.  If a picture really is worth a thousand words, think of the time being saved by weary consumers.

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