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August 7, 2017

Location Data Gains Importance

Half of B2C Marketers Don’t Collect Transaction Data: BlueVenn Study

CDP Institute

Nearly half of B2C marketers (46%) fail to collect transactional data and just over half (55%) don’t collect behavioral data, according to a study released by CDP vendor BlueVenn exclusively to the CDP Institute. Age (76%), location (75%) and gender (70%) are more common but 57% of marketers do not combine their data into a unified customer view and nearly 40% don’t personalize Web or email content. Download for more interesting results.

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Adbrain Extends Identity Matching to Include Location

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Customer identity mapping specialist Adbrain has expanded its system to map identities across devices, people, and locations. This lets Adbrain build groups of individuals within a household or frequently visiting a given location. Adbrain builds its identity maps with data from multiple third party sources. Adbrain doesn't collect personal identifiers, but clients can match their own data to Adbrain’s information.

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Bloom Intelligence Expands In-Store Wifi Marketing

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Retail Wifi marketing and analytics vendor Bloom Intelligence has added new metrics to its platform. Bloom Intelligence installs Wifi systems for use by in-store customers and provides marketing features including behavior-triggered promotions while the customer is on-site. Bloom Intelligence is part of Captiveyes, which runs indoor digital advertising systems.

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