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August 8, 2017

Data Drives Everything

Demandbase Announces Real Time Intent Product


B2B martech vendor Demandbase has announced “Real-Time Intent”, which tracks online behaviors of potential business buyers, infers intent from their content consumption, and makes the results available for advertising, personalization, and sales intelligence. The new product, to be released this fall, leverages Web content analytics technology that Demandbase gained through its May 2016 acquisition of Spiderbook.

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Data Enrichment Heads SalesTech Wish List: SugarCRM Study


Do salespeople really want intent data? Apparently so: data enrichment services are the technology sales professionals most want to add, according to a study from CITE Research released by SugarCRM. CRM heads the list of tools already in place.

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Taptica Acquires Tremor Video's Demand-Side Platform for $50 Million


B2C marketers need data too. Mobile ad platform Taptica has more than 220 million user profiles available for targeting worldwide. Taptica just bought Tremdn Video’s demand-side video ad platform for $50 million. Taptica already has similar tools but the acquisition will boost its U.S. market presence.

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