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October 25, 2016

Conductor Unveils Insight Stream, NetBase Analyzes Customer Experience, IBM Hybrid Cloud Adds Pitney Bowes Location Services

Conductor Unveils Insight Stream, Revolutionary Tech that Transforms Big Marketing Data into Personalized Insights


Conductor, which analyzes Web content and related data, has launched Insight Stream to deliver observations and suggestions in a streaming format.  The company considers this a new “paradigm” that lets marketers digest more information than conventional dashboards and data tables.  Cliché notwithstanding, they may be right – we are seeing more tools that go beyond presenting reports to offering up bite-sized nuggets of useful information and recommendations. 

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New Customer Experience Analytics Solution from NetBase Transforms Customer Data into Action to Fuel Every Aspect of Your Business


NetBase announced a new Customer Experience Analytics solution which ingests customer feedback from social media, digital, surveys, customer care and other sources and uses natural language processing to find actionable insights.  It’s working with aggregate data, not tracking individual customers.

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Pitney Bowes and IBM to Collaborate on Hybrid Cloud Location Services


IBM will make Pitney Bowes’ location intelligence solutions available on its “BlueMix” platform-as-a-service development environment.  This will make it easier for developers to embed Pitney Bowes’ location information and services in their own mobile products.

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