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August 18, 2017

More Data for Customer Profiles

LifeIgniter Raises $6.4 Million for Universal Personalization

Market Wired

Hmm, a single API for all-channel personalization? Sounds great. LiftIgniter offers one, and just raised a $6.4 million Series A to promote it. But they apparently use data only from whatever channel they are personalizing, instead of building a unified customer profile. That will limit their effectiveness.

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Narrative I/O Data Marketplace Adds Cross-Device Identities from Adbrain

PR Web

A Customer Data Platform can help build those unified customer profiles. But even a CDP needs to be fed data. That’s where Narrative comes in: it provides a marketplace for data owners to sell their data to whoever needs it. Interesting concept. They’ve just partnered with cross-device identity expert Adbrain, which says it has mapped devices and locations to 90% of the U.S. adult internet population.

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Equifax Creates Unified Marketing Data Offering


Other folks sell data too. For example, Equifax has all sorts of credit and financial information. They’ve just unified their offerings into something called Equifax Data-Driven Marketing. Scope includes data, unification, analytics, targeting, and measurement.

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