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August 21, 2017

Hotter Than An Ethiopian Food Truck

Immersv Closes $10.5 Million Series A for Programmatic Mobile Virtual Reality Advertising

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Programmatic advertising in virtual reality on mobile apps: Immserv combines more hot technologies than an Ethiopian-Sichuan food truck. No wonder a dozen investors lined up for their $10.5 million Series A.

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Airpush and Tapcore Merge to Fight Mobile Ad Fraud


Not to rain on anybody’s parade, but mobile advertising does have a bit of a fraud problem. Tapcore, which identifies illegal copies of mobile apps, and Airpush, a major mobile advertising platform, have merged to help clean things up. They’ll create a merged SDK to help advertisers battle app piracy.

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ANA Program Seeks to Measure Costs of Ad Fraud and Complexity


The Association of National Advertisers also worries about ad fraud and the related issue of adtech complexity. They’ve started a program to measure the costs more precisely. It will draw on the TrustX programmatic trading marketplace, a cooperative venture of thirty premium content publishers.

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