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August 22, 2017

Gee-Whiz Technology

More than 23,000 Customer Service Robots Deployed by 2022: Tractica Forecast


It’s shaping up as a slow news week, but we can always find some gee-whiz technology stories. Here’s a forecast from market research firm Tractica that predicts more than 23,000 customer service robots will be deployed worldwide by 2022. They’re talking about mobile, physical R2D2-type robots, not just chatbots.

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Standard Cognition Announces Checkout-Free Shopping System

Market Wired

One of those little robots might follow you around a grocery store, perhaps second-guessing whether you should buy that bag of chips. Or, the store could use a checkout-free system announced by Y-Combinator startup Standard Cognition. Shoppers sign in with a mobile app and then the system uses machine vision to watch what they put in their carts and charges them automatically when they leave the store with it. The system also alerts store staff if someone tries to leave without paying. Whether that staff is human or robotic, who knows?

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PowerChord Adds Weather-Based Triggers to Local Advertising


Using weather data to trigger localized marketing seems pretty standard these days, but it’s still amazing if you think about it. PowerChord has just announced campaigns that use weather forecasts to trigger paid search and display ads. PowerChord offers a range of online advertising and marketing programs that help brands drive sales through local channels such as dealers.

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