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August 24, 2017

Back Off Man, I'm a Scientist

App Connects iPhone Directly to Your Brain: ESPforMe

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Science or nonsense? It’s often hard to tell. ESPforMe offers a “brain computer interface for iPhone”, which uses a special headset to pick up your brainwaves and uses them to perform Web searches. You even collaborate with others. It’s on the Apple App Store so it must be legitimate.

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Isobar Platform Measures Emotions in Virtual Reality


Here’s another ground-breaker: “the world’s first Virtual Reality Emotional Measurement and Analytics Platform”. This comes by way of the MIT Media Lab and an “academically accepted” product from global digital agency Isobar, so it seems more credible. The platform tracks the emotions people register as they do things in virtual reality. The prototype video shows an avatar changing color based on the user’s emotions.  Don't ask how, but I know you're excited.

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ThoughtSpot Delivers AI-Driven Insights


If anything is more credible than academic acceptance, it’s funding. So that AI-driven analytics vendor ThoughtSpot has raised more than $160 million speaks for itself. ThoughtSpot just announced SpotIQ, which automatically queries enterprise data sources and returns “deep and relevant insights for users that they may not have thought to look for on their own”. The company says that “SpotIQ accomplishes in a single click what could take 40,000 man hours.” It doesn’t say which men, doing what, or how long it would take a team of women.

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