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August 30, 2017

Two (Billion) Heads Are Better than One

DiscoverOrg Buys RainKing to Expand Its Data Coverage


B2B data compiler DiscoverOrg has acquired RainKing, which compiles technology sales intelligence. The firms will offer combined data sets immediately and a unified product sooner or later.  This is DiscoverOrg's second acquisition, following iProfiles in 2015.  Further consolidation in the data marketplace seems likely.

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Kochava Launches Mobile Data Marketplace

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More on the data front: mobile media analytics vendor Kochava has launched a self-service data marketplace that lets marketers build custom audiences. The marketplace combines data collected Kochava’s analytics SDK with data from integrated mobile networks, publishing partners, and third party data providers. The Kochava SDK touches more than one billion devices globally.

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YouAppi Launches Expanded Mobile Marketing Platform


A mere one billion, you scoff. YouAppi tracks content consumption on two billion people across 4,200 apps and mobile sites. It uses the data to target in-app, on-site, and social advertising for mobile app customer acquisition and retention. The company just launched a “360 Degree Growth Marketing Platform”, which is an extension of its earlier products. But we’re not talking self-service: YouAppi is a full-service agency, currently running almost 17,000 campaigns for 470 brands worldwide.

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