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September 5, 2017

Consumers Are Happier Than You Think

LookBookHQ Raises $11 Million For Content Recommendations

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LookBookHQ uses customer data and behaviors to offer continuously updated content recommendations in each situation. It’s a bit tough to explain but pretty cool when you see it. They’ve just raised an $11 million Series B to help spread the word.

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datadecisions Group Targets Consumers Based on Purchase Intent

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You probably know by now that information you reveal in one channel is available pretty much everywhere. So you won’t be concerned that survey compiler datadecisions Group has added a product to target direct mail, email, and Facebook ads at people who say they plan to buy a specific product. Not one bit creepy.

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Fast Response More Important Than Customer Knowledge: CMO Council Survey

CMO Council

Maybe consumers aren’t as demanding as we all thought. A survey from the CMO Council found that by far the most commonly attribute mentioned for exceptional customer experience was fast response time (52%). Recognizing the customer’s history at every touchpoint trailed far behind at 12%. One quarter of customers said every touchpoint is already relevant and personalized while another 38% said brands are “almost there”. Happy campers indeed.

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