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September 6, 2017

Visual IQ Adds Individual-Level Attribution

Visual IQ Launches Individual-Level Attribution System

Business Wire

Attribution specialist Visual IQ announced a new Marketing Intelligence Platform that works with individual-level data. The system integrates cross-device identifiers, ad impressions, online and offline interactions to build complete customer profiles, enhances these with audience attributes from third party sources, adds marketing cost information, applies multiple attribution techniques, and can forecast future performance. It also includes marketing mix models, TV attribution, native ad bid management. and integration with external real time bidding platforms. Much of the new technology comes from Visual IQ’s acquition of Refined Labs in October 2016.

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PrivatizeMe Adds Mac-Based Anti-Tracking Add-On

PR Newswire

Is realistic cross-channel attribution finally becoming possible? Not so fast: it depends heavily on data that consumers don’t necessarily want to share. PrivatizeMe offers privacy-minded consumers a browser add-on that clears cookies and scrambles device fingerprints. They had a PC version and just added one for Mac. They use some serious scare language “Consumers are constantly being tracked by untrusted websites and their marketing partners, including data brokers who generate billions of dollars a year by stalking users and creating profiles. Users are then targeted based on their spending, searching or social media behavior by these untrusted sites and they see targeted content and can even be up-charged.”

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GPSdome Starts Product Delivery to Autonomous Cars

PR Newswire

Has it already happened: autonomous cars ordering things for themselves, presumably to be delivered by self-guided drones? Not yet: the headline refers to anti-hacking technology to protect autonomous car guidance systems. Of course, the need to protect cars from hacking is itself a sign of the times. The headline makes more sense in Israel, where GPSdome is based, as a reference to the Iron Dome anti-missile system.

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