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October 27, 2016

Mobile Internet Share; Mobile at Retail; Criteo Predictive Search

Zenith Forecasts 75% of Internet Use Will Be Mobile in 2017


A new forecast from global media agency Zenith predicts that mobile devices will account for 75% of global internet use next year.  It was 40% in 2012.  Not that you doubted mobile was important, but this reinforces how urgently marketers need to identify consumers across mobile devices and apps.

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Evolution of Retail: 2016 Holiday Consumer Mobile Usage

Euclid Analytics

This report from Euclid Analytics finds that 83% of shoppers use a mobile device while inside a retail store.  Euclid is a specialist in tracking in-store behavior and connecting it to online behavior.  So here’s another reminder how much you need to link mobile and real-word identities.

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Criteo Launches A New Approach to Search With Criteo Predictive Search


Personalized ad expert Criteo has a new Predictive Search product that automatically optimizes paid search bids in Google Shopping campaigns based on user intent, device, and behavior as well as non-individual factors.  One key enabler is Criteo’s Universal Match technology, which tracks anonymized users across all devices, browsers and apps.  Criteo applies the same technology to personalize dynamic email, retargeting, social and mobile app advertising.  Think of this as today’s good news story: yes, there are solutions to the challenge of identifying cross-channel behaviors.

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