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September 26, 2017

Blasts from the Past

Alterian Releases Real-Time Adaptive Email

PR Newswire

Alterian is one of the grizzled old timers of the martech world, founded 20 years ago as a PC-based campaign management engine. They’re probably horrified to see that mentioned, since they’ve recently rebuilt their technology. But it’s relevant because the firm’s deep experience shows in the sophistication of its approach to customer management. They’ve just released “adaptive email”, which is superficially just run-of-the-mill open-time email rendering, but draws on real-time audience segmentation and integrated campaigns to make the updated messages highly relevant to recipients.

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Kasasa Launches New Marketing Automation Platform

Business Wire

Kasasa (formerly BancVue) also traces its roots back more than a decade, although it too uses modern technology. But its new marketing automation system for small banks and credit unions would have seemed familiar in 1997, when banks were using MCIF systems like the original Alterian to load their customer files, unify the accounts belonging to the same individual, and run automated campaigns that sent targeted postal mailings for specific products. One difference is the channels now extend beyond snail mail to include email, digitial, social, Pandora radio ads and television content.

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PI.Exchange Lets Consumers Monetize Their Data

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Australia-based PI.Exchange is a new company but they’re selling an old idea: consumers should control access to their own data and charge for its use. It hasn’t worked yet but maybe its time has come, especially outside the U.S. where new privacy regulations may make current data gathering practices less effective. Their product is a mobile app that’s just entering global beta on iOS.

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