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September 28, 2017

Nielsen Buys Visual IQ

Neilsen Buys Attribution Vendor Visual IQ


Neilsen has announced plans to purchase multi-touch acquisition vendor Visual IQ. The deal helps Nielsen measure marketing results based on individual-level data.

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Google Cloud Purchases Bitium Enterprise Identity Management


Google Cloud had purchased Bitium, which provides enterprise identity management. The deal came one day after SAP Hybris purchased Gigya, which also offers identity services. But Bitium is focused largely on employee identities to control access to resources, while Gigya is focused on consumer identities.

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Infoworks Launches Automated Data Warehouse


Customer data platforms produce something a lot like a data warehouse, but CDPs are packaged software that delivers the result much more quickly than a conventional data warehouse project. So it’s interesting to see Infoworks announce cloud-based “automated Big Data warehousing” that speeds development and maintenance. Infoworks lacks the focus on customer data unification of a CDP but corporate IT groups might still see it as an alternative. The same technology could also streamline CDP operations.

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