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October 5, 2017

Bluecore Raises $35 Million, BlueConic Connects with Acxiom

Bluecore Adds $35 Million Funding for Personalization


Ecommerce personalization vendor Bluecore just took a $35 million Series C funding, bringing its total to $63 million. Bluecore assembles unified customer profiles and generates targeted messages in real time. It’s not a Customer Data Platform because (so far as we know) they don’t also expose their data for use by other systems. The company had more than 400 clients.

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BlueConic Connects with Acxiom for Identity Resolution and Enhancement

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BlueConic is definitely a CDP. They just announced real-time integration with Acxiom for identity resolution, data hygiene, and data enrichment. The deal strengthens BlueConic’s ability to combine offline and online data and to add third party data to information that clients gather directly.

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One-Third of U.S. Tech Marketing Executives Publish Content Daily or More: 10Fold Survey


I wish I had something about BlueVenn or Blueshift but we'll have to settle for people talking themselves blue in the face. Tech marketing agency 10Fold found that 23% of tech marketing departments generate content daily and another 9% do it hourly.  Half are generating at least six times more content than last year.  No word on whether that increased volume has generated better results.

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