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October 13, 2017

How Retailers Market to Their Own Customers

Kroger Launches Marketing Network to Target Its Customers

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As if the marketing landscape weren’t confusing enough, grocery giant Kroger has created 84.51°, an agency that runs marketing programs for packaged goods manufacturers wanting to reach 60 million Kroger-buying households. Channels include in-store advertising, co-branded Web advertising, and a private social network for Kroger’s most engaged customers. Are retailer-based marketing networks the next big thing?

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Aislelabs Offers Free Version of In-Store WiFi Platform

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You don’t need to be a retail giant to reach your customers. Aislelabs has just released a free version of its in-store WiFi marketing product.  Customers can sign in to free in-store WiFi and retailers get customer data analytics and limited user profiles. A paid version gives more detailed profiles and allows targeted marketing campaigns via email, SMS and social posts.

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Womply Adds Automated Email Marketing for Small Businesses


Not every retailer has the resources to design targeted marketing campaigns. Womply is there to help with an email marketing engine that automatically sends welcome, winback, loyalty, and survey campaigns. Womply captures credit card transactions to build a customer database, which it then leverages for analytics and marketing. It also provides small retailers with other online marketing services including directory listings, advertising, and reputation management.

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