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October 17, 2017

Here's a Look at Visual Marketing

Adhark Uses AI to Assess Marketing Images

PR Newswire

Decisions, decisions. Should we talk today about artificial intelligence or visual marketing? We can do both with Adhark, whose Ava platform uses AI to score the “visual resonance” of images, based on its understanding of the visual preferences of marketing audiences. This apparently represents a pivot for Adhark, which last year announced a now-vanished product to recommend social media activities.

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ViralGains Adds $13.5 Million Funding for Video Ad Journeys

Market Wired

Let’s go with visuals. ViralGains offers video advertising that changes as users move through the buying journey and asks for feedback about what they’re shown, product interests, and brand sentiment. It’s an interesting if complicated concept. They’ve raised $28.7 million including $13 million last month.

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imageSurge Tailors Storefront Window Ads to Individual Viewers

PR Web

And here’s one straight out of Minority Report: imageSurge changes the ads behind a storefront window based on preferences defined in a nearby user’s mobile app. No iris scanning is involved, so far as we know.

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