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October 20, 2017

The Biggest Threat Facing Marketers

Marketers Pooling Data To Bypass Walled Gardens: Forbes Insights and Criteo


This week’s articles have mostly been about industry trends, so let’s finish in the same vein with a look at threats to marketers. We’ll start with my favorite obssesion, the customer-access-blocking “walled gardens” of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and a few others. A Forbes Insights study for Criteo found that marketers are indeed concerned those giants will limit consumer access to their products and brand access to customer data. But it also reports marketers are fighting back by pooling their own data: three-fifths are already part of a cooperative and are pleased with the results.

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AppDynamics Thinks CIOs Should Run Marketing


Tired of worrying about Facebook and Google? Here's a new threat: IT departments taking control of marketing. Seems far fetched? Then check out this announcement from AppDynamics, which describes “moving from performance monitoring and technical metrics to a world of predictively driving business outcomes across the entire digital experience” complete with unified customer journeys. They aren’t shy about their goal: “CIOs were elevated from servicing the business to driving it.”  Now you know what your CIO is really thinking about when he looks bored in your meetings..

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Tylenol Is Watching and Wants You to Know It


Or maybe marketers are their own worst enemies. This AdExchanger piece gleefully describes how Tylenol is using a mix of data signals to identify customers while they’re engaging in specific activities like exercise or staying late at the office and then making offers that show the advertiser knows where they are and what they’ve been doing. It’s along the lines of “feeling sore after that workout? Here’s a map to the nearest place you can buy Tylenol.” Nothing creepy about that. 

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