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October 31, 2017

New Frontiers in Automated Content

Optimove CDP Expands from Retention to Acquisition Marketing

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Optimove, which selects customer treatments based on movement between lifecycle stages, has expanded its scope to include acquisitions as well as existing customers. The new feature uses look-alike modeling to assign new Web site visitors to segments and then selects the most appropriate treatment for each segment. The company says that combining acquisition and retention marketing will yield an average 25% lift in conversion rates. If you’re keeping track: Optimove builds a unified, accessible, persistent customer database, making them a Customer Data Platform.

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Facebook Adds Automated Creative Optimization


Ah, but how to find the right message for each segment?  Facebook has a new feature that automatically tests different combinations of ad images, videos, and text to find which versions appeal to different segments and placements (News Feed, Instagram, and Audience Network). Specialists like RevJet have been doing this for some time but adoption by Facebook means much broader adoption.

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Persado Will Tailor Ad Copy to Individual Emotions


The next step beyond automatically combining ad components is automatically creating them from scratch.  Persado has been doing that for years for advertising text. They recently added the ability to create emotional profiles for individual customers and tailor ad language to those profiles. They also announced another $30 million in bank financing, on top of $66 million in previous equity funding. Someone's emotional state = excited.

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