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November 2, 2017

Research to Help Marketers

Marketing Technology Industry Council Recommends Best Practices

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The Marketing Technology Industry Council is a group of marketing executives from 27 B2B companies, united in their quest to solve top marketing challenges through “meticulous research and in-depth, expert studies”. I’m sure they all realize it’s not so simple but agree it’s a place to start. They released a good survey back in April that confirmed what we already knew: marketers have lots of disconnected technology and struggle to measure its value.  They’ve now issued a set of recommendations that are similarly sound if unsurprising: align with sales, buy strategically, prioritize integration, automate the things that computers do better than people.

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Corporate Visions Uncovers Most Effective Message for Generating Action

Corporate Visions

Don’t get me wrong: I think research can be great. Maybe my favorite example is the work done by Corporate Visions, which provides truly fresh and useful insights into sales presentations. Their secret sauce is using simulations to find out how people are truly likely to behave, rather than surveys that reflect how people want to present themselves. Their latest study found that telling executives about unrecognized flaws in their current solutions is the most effective way to stimulate action. But there’s much more to it than that: just read the paper.

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Crayon.Co Launches Free Competitive Intelligence App


Of course, few pieces of research are more fascinating than what your competitors are up to. Market intelligence aggregator Crayon scans the Web for news, marketing campaigns, Web site changes, customer reviews and support requests, and such, and then shares the bits that seem important. They’ve just launched a free tool that gives daily digests of competitors’ marketing efforts.

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