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November 9, 2017

If You Can Fake Authenticity, You've Got It Made

Brand Authenticity Matters to Consumers: Stackla Study


If you can fake authenticity, you’ve got it made, goes the old joke. But faking authenticity may be harder than it seems: adults correctly distinguished professional from consumer-created content 70% of the time, according to a study from user-generated content platform Stackla. And consumers will punish brands that try to fool them. Then again, maybe it just proves that professionals who are really good at faking authenticity do have it made. Especially if they’re Russian.

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User-Generated Content Platform Yotpo Raises $51 Million Series D

PE Hub

In any case, managing user-generated content is certainly a good business. Yotpo, which does just that, has raised a $51 million Series D, bringing total funding to $101 million. Yotpo helps companies solicit photos and reviews and then deploy them across Web and social channels.

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Olapic Makes User-Generated Content Instantly Shoppable


Olapic helps companies manage visual content generated by users, professionals, and that in-between group known as influencers. They recently (well, a month ago) added a service that can embed shopping cart hotspots within images or videos. Because let’s face it: the most authentic thing about any brand is its desire is to sell you stuff.

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