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November 10, 2017

Improved Databases for Storing Customer Data

Sonobi Launches People-Based Ad Marketplace to Compete with Walled Gardens

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Advertisers worried about losing access to customer data because of Facebook, Google, Amazon and other walled gardens have a new friend: ad tech company Sonobi, which just opened a public beta of an addressable marketplace reaching up to 225 million individuals across premium online publications. The marketplace uses a “People Based Identifier” that can track individuals across multiple environments, offering scale and precision to match the walled gardens. The marketplace is integrated with major programmatic buying platforms.

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Couchbase Upgrades Its Customer-Oriented Database


Tracking people outside your company is one thing; tracking their actions on your own systems is another. Couchbase is one of the few firms that has developed a database engine specifically for customer data. They just released their latest upgrade, which includes things like integrated full text search, role-based access controls, and in-memory data buckets.

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Qubole Raises $25 Million for Self-Managing Big Database


Qubole is another database technology company. They don’t specialize in customer data but do offer a highly automated cloud-based system that makes managing any type of big data much easier for the tech staff. They just raised $25 million, bringing total funding to $75 million.

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